Louise ORourke PHOTOGRAPHic

My work investigates human experience through the form of memory. As time passes, our memories have a tendency to change. Through photography, erasure, sculpture and video I investigate the unraveling nature of memory. We unconsciously pick out certain details to remember, others linger without our permission, and others are forgotten entirely. Through this unconscious filtering new memories are formed that may be whole or partial, false, partially true or even truer than the actual experience they are based on.

With my hand, I physically manipulate surfaces of found photographs to alter what is captured in the moment. The act of erasure generates dialogue about the removed nature of the photograph from the event captured, and by removing the emulsion I further remove the photograph from the event and even claim the moments that stand out to me. By physically altering the found image with no negative to reprint from I create my own narrative from those previously captured stories.

Objects that can be placeholders for memory become the surfaces that my tools manipulate, crush or deconstruct. I am caught in the cycle of simultaneously deconstructing and cherishing objects imbedded with memories, because the emphasis placed on my most cherished objects carries an emotional and psychological weight that I cannot bear such that I begin to want to destroy the object and remove the lingering memory. However, this drive to destroy becomes the drive to create anew from that which was deconstructed, which then the object is reconstructed to embody my new version of the original memory.